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CandleLab Soy Wax is a European origin and 100% natural product.

It does not contain any additives. Ideal for in-mold and aromatherapy use.

Net Weight: 25 kg


IMPORTANT NOTE: 25 kg is sent as a single block. It is suitable for industrial use. It can be used by cutting in smaller pieces but for ease of use, you can choose our other soywax alternatives.

CandleLab Soywax - 25 kg Industrial Size

Only 4 left in stock
  • Color: Beige

    Shape: Block

    Application: In-mold candles

    Maximum Fragrance Capacity: 12%

    Melting Temperature: 50°C

    Recommended Heating Temperature: 75°C - 85°C

    Recommended Pouring Temperature: 45°C (+/- 5°C)

    Recommended Curing Time: Min. 10 - 14 days

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